First GameTime installation still like new after more than two years

“Our community and our players absolutely love the new graphics. Teams that come in and play us are amazed by it. It’s the talk of the town, so to speak. We get a little tickled every time somebody comes in and sees it.” Jerry Byrd, Head Basketball Coach, Neshoba Central High School. 

Maumelle, AR, June 26, 2019

Little did Bob Sahr know that as he and his financial partner sat in his office two years ago contemplating how to take his vinyl graphic wrap business to the sports flooring world, where he would end up. He didn’t have a design for a system or even a crew, and he had very little equipment and no customers. But, if he could come up with something, he knew he’d take GameTime to a whole new level – and he was right. Now, Sahr leads the field with the ONLY permanent vinyl graphic system on the market and has customers clamoring for GameTime globally, installing GameTime at every level of play from grade school to the NBA.

GameTime’s permanent vinyl graphic system innovation is revolutionary. For decades gym floor contractors have used stencils and painted graphics for their gym floor artwork. The patent-pending GameTime vinyl replaces traditional painted graphics, allowing for a broad combination of color options that is virtually impossible to achieve with stencils. The GameTime computer generated graphic system utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create any design imaginable. In addition to the limitless design options, GameTime’s permanent vinyl system saves time and money by eliminating the need to stain or paint graphics onto a floor.

“The ability we have for computer generated graphics stands far above and beyond what you can do with paint,” Sahr explained. “You have to spend a lot of money to do anything along the lines of what we can do with graphics. For instance, with a vignette or a gradient, where it fades from one color to another or it goes from dark to light, you’ve got to hire an airbrush artist and it might take thousands of dollars and weeks on end to paint that graphic whereas we can print it, laminate it and install it. The install on these things typically takes somewhere under an hour so that’s the other great advantage … the labor savings, the time savings. I can save just a countless amount of hours and days for each contractor. For each job it allows them to add more and more jobs to their busy summer schedules, whereas they would be busy painting it, literally watching paint dry.”

The PATENTED GameTime vinyl graphics system includes a vinyl material that is very resilient, durable, and able to expand and contract on the maple floor without tearing. (See MFMA guidelines for RH) Whether using an oil-based or waterborne system, It is the only product on the market that can be sealed between the seal coat and the Gametime BRIDGE product which encapsulates the vinyl beneath your favorite brand of floor finish, making its permanence more solidified with each maintenance coat!

Those were the benefits that drew Jerry Byrd, head basketball Coach at Neshoba Central High School and owner of OBC Gym Floors, to GameTime in the first place. With nearly a lifetime of experience in the flooring industry and 14 years as a basketball coach, Byrd knew GameTime was the best option. The first GameTime permanent vinyl system was installed for the Neshoba Rockets in April 2017 and it’s holding up like new.

“Our community and our players absolutely love it. Teams that come in and play us are amazed by it,” Byrd boasted. “It’s the talk of the town, so to speak. We get a little tickled every time somebody comes in and sees it.”

Byrd said there in no paint on the floor anywhere, only vinyl. The floor is top-notch, so proper maintenance is important to Byrd. The floor has been screened and recoated multiple times. Byrd said the vinyl has held up beautifully after each screen and recoat and looks good as new.

“I like the floor to have a good look to it. We take pride in it,” Byrd beamed. “It just enhances the value of the facility and it speaks large volumes of the school’s commitment to the program. I’m a fan.”

Plus, GameTime is affordable for any facility. For facilities on a limited budget, they may opt for just a center court graphic, or they can bump it up a notch to do the lanes, as well. For those with a larger budget, the entire floor can be wrapped. “You don’t need a huge budget to afford this system,” Sahr said. “We can service a middle school that doesn’t have much of a budget … but then you have schools like Baylor University and Neshoba Central High School where we didn’t open even a single can of paint. Even their lines are vinyl.”

To view the wide variety of graphic options and permanent vinyl installations that have been produced by GameTime, visit our gallery.

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