“Why Change my current system?”

“Why would I use a system I know nothing about? Why would I risk a call-back when what I have been doing for the last 30 years works just fine? I don’t like water base sealer or finish. I’m not a professional vinyl applicator!” These and many more questions and concerns will all be answered in this short preview of our GameTime system along with many of the incredible advantages that a GameTime user already understands. Quite simply, you cannot afford to remain stagnant. The future of floor finishing and graphics is here. Join the revolution!

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what is the gametime system?

The GameTime Vinyl Graphics System is an entire system, from seal to finish, and is affordable even as a waterbase system because the time and labor savings tilts the profitability scale in your favor! What you really gain is the ability to schedule many more jobs throughout your busy summer months, because while your competition is locked into  a gym for weeks, you will be out and on to the next, in days.

Time Savings

A permanent vinyl graphics application process is what we have created. A Patent Pending system that can literally be applied in minutes, or hours, depending on the amount of coverage you have planned. No more waiting for days, painting one color at a time, wasting precious man-hours that could be better utilized elsewhere. We’ve all heard the euphemism “like watching paint dry”. After years of laboratory testing, we have literally eliminated the need to ever feel that frustration again.

We can eliminate your need for paint buckets, rollers, brushes, miles of blue tape, and the mess that comes with them. What you will quickly realize is that you are already performing nearly all of the same tasks required to successfully apply the GameTime graphic system. You’re already putting vinyl stencils on the floor, right? Why pull them up and throw them in the trash? You’re already applying thousands of miles of tape to floors, and in turn, pulling it back up and yet again throwing it in the trash! The only real difference is that we have taken it to the next level. The image quality and details that we can now achieve with this system would be impossible to match with traditional paint methods.


Computer Generated Graphics vs Paint

There are quite literally thousands of different uses for vinyl, but take my word for it, ONLY ONE can be installed as permanently as paint, beneath the finish coat. After many years of testing and retesting and systems building, we have successfully formulated the first graphics-based floor finish Patent Pending vinyl system on the market, and it is now available to professional flooring contractors just like you.

There are other companies doing great things with vinyl on a temporary basis. And respectfully, some of them are at the top of their fields in capturing the current marketplace and utilizing existing technology in the form of stencils and temporary decals.
But GameTime takes even the art of paintmask stencils to a new level! Our precision driven plotters and an art process
which pays close attention to detail, ensures that your logos and other creations come out crisp and clean, every time. No cutting corners and spending hours on the floor “making it work.” With GameTime, it’s right the first time.


upgrade to gametime

Contact us today to get a free consultation and learn how you can wow fans and athletes with amazing court graphics that sets you apart from rival schools.


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