“Why Change my current system?”

Technologies evolve in ways that drastically impact our workforce in this country every day. The flooring industry is no different. From the use of specified formulations that affect VOC regulations in certain parts of our country making our air safer to breathe, to the advancements made with the equipment and tools that enhance the smallest or largest tasks that we perform.

Today, with the slight of a keyboard and some magical photoshop work, we can create masterpieces in minutes. Our newspapers, magazines, music, video, movies, have all gone digital.

How would you like to have been one of the countless tens of thousands of people who once stripped every single letter of every word onto a physical magazine artboard, which was the critical phase of print production just 20 years ago? Highlighting the lesson that we should always be looking forward to new technologies, never back…You cannot afford to remain stagnant in this competitive environment. The future of floor graphics is HERE AT GAMETIME! Join the revolution today and begin your digital future!


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what is the gametime system?

The PATENTED GameTime permanent vinyl graphics system is one that allows the transition of unimaginable graphics quality to be utilized by nearly everyone in the gym finish industry! Thanks to our newly formulated GameTime BRIDGE, a single coat over top and extending slightly beyond the edge of the graphics, allows for the use of almost any popular gym floor finish, oil-based or waterborne, to be utilized with our graphics systems! In previous years, we were very limited in our scope of approved products, and the system reflected heavily those limitations. But we have worked tirelessly to formulate a product that is more broadly inclusive… very friendly with most popular brands of sealer and finish. And most importantly, easy to use!



Simply seal the raw maple with your favorite brand of sealer (x2)

Install your graphics package (vinyl or a combination of paint and vinyl)
Apply a single coat of GameTime BRIDGE! (No abrasion)
And within 4-6 hours, you are pulling your favorite brand of finish!

Time Savings

Imagine saving three to four days on every complex graphics package on your calendar schedule this season! How could that time be monetized and utilized to grow your business? Imagine using graphics that your competitors cannot compete with through the use of painted graphics. Imagine a process so simple that almost anyone could be successful after a very short two day certification course! No more mess. No more paint chipping. No more color matching issues. No more being held captive to the standard simplistic approach to painted graphics. Our PATENTED graphics systems can be installed in minutes, not days or weeks. And when you choose GameTime Wraps as your partner in the field, you have a system and company you can count on! Guaranteed and Proven.


Paint Mask

There are other companies doing great things with vinyl on a temporary basis, and respectfully, some are at the top of their fields in capturing the current marketplace and utilizing existing technology in the form of stencils and temporary decals. But that was before GameTime entered the marketplace. GameTime is the ONLY company in the U.S. with a PATENTED system for permanent vinyl under polyurethane, and the only company in the world that takes considerable extra steps to ensure the highest quality with their paint mask technology. That’s not empty rhetoric… GameTime has taken paint mask to a whole new level! Our precision driven plotters and an art process which pays close attention to detail, ensures that your logos and other creations come out crisp and clean every single time. No cutting corners or spending hours on the floor “making it work”. With GameTime, it’s right the first time, or we’ll move heaven and earth to make it right.


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Contact us today to get a free consultation and learn how you can wow fans and athletes with amazing court graphics that sets you apart from rival schools.


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