maintenance instructions

Follow these instructions to learn how to care for your GameTime permanent vinyl graphics installed on a maple sports floor, and to keep your new graphics in excellent condition for years to come!

Daily and Monthly Routine Maintenance:

Dry mop the floor daily to eliminate dust buildup. Tack floor as needed with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner to remove perspiration, oils, spills and scuffs from foot traffic. Do not use dust mop treatments or floor cleaners that contain wax, paraffin, silicone, and/or mineral oil. Do not use pretreated dust mops. Use of these products can cause adhesion problems when recoating the floor. Dirt, sand and grit will dull and accelerate the wear of the finish. Place floor mats or rugs at all entryways, bathroom exits or other high traffic areas to remove excessive dirt or moisture. Spills or liquids on the floor should be wiped up immediately.

Periodic Cleaning:

PoloPlaz Tie Tack for Periodic Deep Cleaning. Use the Tie Tack Cleaning System for periodic deep cleaning and to reduce spreading contaminants during the annual resurfacing of your gym floor.

Floor Stains, Gum, And Shoe Marks:

Floor stains can be avoided by wiping spillage from the surface immediately. Staining occurs when spills are absorbed into the finish which could potentially discolor the vinyl. Gum may be removed by freezing and scraping it off with a plastic putty knife, but extra precaution should be given so the finish and vinyl are not penetrated by the putty knife. Shoe marks should be removed with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Annual Maintenance:

Your maple floor with GameTime permanent vinyl graphics may be screened and re-coated with a new coat of finish once a year by a GameTime approved installer. Floor and graphics should be properly abraded and tack-cleaned as recommended by an approved MFMA finish manufacturer prior to applying finish.

Power Scrubbers:

The use of power scrubbers or automatic floor cleaning machines that disperse water on the floor (especially water under pressure) is strictly prohibited on a floor with GameTime vinyl graphics. The use of scrubber machines will void the warranty of your vinyl graphics. Power scrubbers were designed for other surfaces, such as terrazzo and vinyl floors. Even the softest brushes will scratch and cause potential damage to the vinyl. The chemicals typically used in these machines are too aggressive for maple, finishes, and vinyl graphics. The machine’s liquid and scrubbing action can cup the floor, pulling the vinyl and finish from the wood.

Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation:

It is important to have an HVAC system that is properly functioning to provide a temperature range of 55-80 degrees and 35-50% relative humidity. Ventilation equipment should be available for year-round use. Humidity and Ventilation are critical considerations to keep your wood floor and vinyl graphics intact. 35-50% relative humidity is normally required for long trouble-free life. If humidity rises to over 50%, promptly begin circulating air by opening interior doors and windows and by activating the ventilating system. However, do not draw warm, moist air in from outdoors, as excessive humidity will cause wood to expand which could cause damage to the vinyl. Summer months are especially critical. Inspect your wood floors and graphics regularly. If necessary, turn on the heating system. If less than 35% humidity level persists, use humidification to prevent excessive dryness and possible wood shrinkage.
Maple flooring, being a solid wood product, is hygroscopic material. It will expand and contract as it absorbs and releases moisture. It will change dimensionally until it reaches equilibrium with the surrounding environment. This is an uncontrollable, yet natural characteristic of solid wood flooring. Excessive expansion and shrinkage issues that may result due to environmental conditions are not the responsibility of GameTime, the floor manufacturer, or the installer, and are not covered under warranty.

Floor Covers and Mats:

Gym floor covers should never be used on a freshly finished floor until at least three weeks after the last coat of finish has been applied. For complete curing, the finish surface must be exposed to oxygen in the ambient air. Covering the floor during this process would deny the oxygen needed to complete this reaction, potentially resulting in a partially cured coating with poor physical properties. Also, it is imperative that the floor be cleaned before the cover is laid. Otherwise, any grit or dust on the floor will mar the floor when the cover is walked on or when any loads are moved on the floor. Covers should not be taped to the floors. The adhesive in most tapes will attack the finish and result in delamination.

Excessive Tightening or Cracking of Wood Flooring:

While the GameTime permanent vinyl does stretch during expansion and contraction, it is still important to regularly monitor the condition of the floor to prevent excessive tightening or cracking. When excessive tightening of the floor becomes noticeable, reduce the wood moisture content. Lowering relative humidity and providing airflow can assist this. If unusually wide cracks begin to appear, increase the relative humidity in the room.

Keep Water Off Floor Surface:

Avoid exposure to water from tracking during periods of inclement weather by the use of walk off mats at all entrances. Windows and doors should be closed during rainy weather. All leaks must be corrected immediately. Machine scrubbing or power machines that induce water under pressure should not be used. This is a critical point since industry warranties exclude damage due to moisture.

Prevent Exposure to Moisture:

Any evidence of dampness within your building should be called to the attention of your architects and engineers. Interior drains and down spouts should be properly insulated to prevent the development of excessive condensation moisture. Exterior drains and downspouts should be kept clear and flow away from the building. All exterior doors should have watertight thresholds.

Anchoring Fixtures:

No fixtures, equipment or bleachers should be lagged through GameTime vinyl into the wood floor without first consulting an approved GameTime installer.


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