Our new process is already disrupting sports flooring. GameTime’s relentless, innovative team is ready to take on any project, but industry experts and athletic directors alike are surprised to discover that the revolutionary system emerged from a vehicle wrap shop in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

About Bob Sahr, THE innovator behind GameTime

The GameTime concept came to fruition because a friend and part owner of a finish manufacturing company said, “if you can make my poly stick to your vinyl graphics, you’ll be on every court in the country!” Thinking back, it sounds a lot like the chocolate and peanut butter commercial from the 70’s. That was the era I grew up in so maybe it was destined to be… to take two things that were alone great, but together, a phenomenal, remarkable hit beyond anyone’s ability to conceive. That was my singular moment of enlightenment, as I was awakened to the possibilities that we may be able to do something really revolutionary here.

Not long after, I went to work for PoloPlaz and the friend that had challenged me to think outside the box. I spent a lot of time on the road observing up close the challenges my customers faced with painted graphics on gym floors. I also observed what worked well. After a massive amount of product development, testing and perfecting the formula, I used the knowledge and experience I had gained to develop the FIRST permanent vinyl graphics system that could be sealed and finished just like paint. And behold the revolution known as GameTime was born.

Not only is GameTime permanent vinyl even more reliable and durable than paint, the graphics are just out of this world spectacular! Utilizing vinyl allows schools and facilities to have computer generated graphics that simply cannot be achieved with paint. GameTime uses the latest digital printing technology and one of the highest quality vinyl products to create vibrant and bold court graphics that will stand out more than any painted graphic could.

The vinyl is then sealed with the patent pending GameTime Sealer which encapsulates and protects the vibrancy of the vinyl graphics. GameTime Sealer is the ONLY sealer on the market that sticks to vinyl. The complete GameTime system (vinyl and sealer) produces a permanent vinyl graphics system that cannot be duplicated by anyone else on the market.

It is not our intention to replace paint, but to work in conjunction with it to increase profitability. Your customer will be blown away by the best gym floor graphics the industry has ever seen. Using the GameTime permanent vinyl system will also increase your flexibility and give you back days and weeks, if not more, to your already crammed work schedule. Maybe not every school in America can or even should have computer generated graphics on their floors, but every school in America and around the world CAN AFFORD one. It’s a slight variation from what you’re already doing. It won’t break the bank, and an additional expense due to system adaptation will be given back to you in the form of being days ahead of schedule and on to the next job.

Join the Revolution and call GameTime today to see why we are quickly becoming the choice of the biggest and best sports flooring contractors in the entire world.


17 Collins Industrial Place, Suite C
North Little Rock, Arkansas


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